Saturday, July 17, 2010

Past or Present

They say leave the past in the past and move forward cause this is the present. However, if in the present you just discovered what happened in the past, doesn't it make it the present to you?

I mean let's say my kid breaks a vase yesterday, I find out about it today. Isn't it the present, not the past even though it happened yesterday which is the past?

It is interesting how the person responsible for screwing up in the past wants to recognize what happened as "the past", while the person affected by what happened, who is just now finding out about it and dealing with it sees it as the present.

Does that mean that time is relative to rather you are the doer or the one who found out what the doer did? Or does it just mean that the doer is not taking accountability for what they did. No matter when they did it.

But if it did happen yesterday, it is in fact the past. I mean unless the vase breaks right now, it will always be the past. What does that mean for the present? It will always be the past if it is not happening now. So what is the present? This moment, today, this week, this year, this decade???? Who decides what is the past or present? How do you know when the present changes into the past? The future is way easier to understand. It is simply every moment that hasn't yet happened.

I find it funny how the one committing the wrong doing is always in such a hurry to move on and put the past behind them. Start fresh from today. While the one left holding the bag of damaged goods is supposed to's ok, we'll forget about it and move forward. Cause if they don't, they are the bad guy.

And this makes sense how:

Because there is no cure 4 crazy

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