Saturday, May 28, 2011

Following your dreams

It's a new day indeed! I've had some rest which always gives a renewed perspective on life.
Last night I gave my 7 y-o twins mo-hawks, which they love. S is talking about how he wants it green and wants an earring! HA! He will be a real punk rocker when he grows up! I wanted me to carve an I in his head, but my husband and I agreed that we would draw the line there.
My husband will be taking a photography job soon that will have him out of the house most of the week. If he doesn't take that one, then he is going to go work on a cruise ship as a photographer for 6 months. Either way it will be a nice break for us. I'm used to being the only one dealing with the house and the kids so his being home so much lately has really thrown me off balance. And honestly in the words of Frank Turner, "you wouldn't miss me if I stay".
While he is gone I will pour myself into my children and my quilting. I think it is important that we teach them to chase their dreams until they are living them! My daughter is interested in music so I'm going to help her learn how to play the guitar. I'm sure we can figure it out by Googling it. They have to have some YouTube instructional videos out there or something! She already has a blister forming from just playing around trying to learn. I have such amazing children! I am really blessed to have them in my life. And I have been given the opportunity to "grow" them into the adults that they will become. What a wonderful job to have been given!
And as for my dreams, well I don't know what those are just yet. Beyond quilting, I have no goals. I don't know I would like to be published in a magazine someday. But other than that, I don't know if I want to design fabric, sell quilts, own a quilt shop or what. The only thing that is evident to me is that I want to sew. And truly I have Frank Turner to thank for urging me to follow my dreams through is words that he pours out in his songs. They speak to my soul in ways that no ever music has before. I highly suggest you give him a listen! Maybe you will fall in love too!

Because after-all there is
No Cure 4 Crazy!

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