Monday, June 13, 2011

Lesson #1 Always try to make friends, even if they are not the same species as you

Things my children have taught me:

Lesson # 1
Always try to make friends, even if they are not the same species as you.

One day my husband took our then four year-old Parker out on some errands. While they were out, Jason took him by the park to play for a while. Parker is my middle child and he has always felt a little left out at home. He has an older sister and younger twin brothers who bother and annoy him constantly, except for when he is happily playing with them. At that time he was desperate to make a friend his age. You know it's that time in life when children aren't in school yet, but they are old enough to want to socialize. Parker is a serious guy. Often, he is referred to as a grumpy old man in a little boy's body. So when he opens his mouth, people listen. And he often has very profound things to say.

On this particular day, he was alluding to the fact that he is not like the rest of us mere mortals. Which I happen to have know since his birth! So he was at the park and he looked up at his dad and said, “ I’m going to go over there and meet some humans. I’m going to make a friend with that one in the yellow shirt.” Oh did I forget to mention that Parker is a superhero??? Well, he is you know! The world just hasn't discovered him yet!

Because After-all
There is No Cure 4 Crazy

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