Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My children's war wounds are making my hair fall out!

I'm taking a D. E. E. P. breath tonight. A sigh of relief. A quick glance in the mirror to check and see if all my hair is still in my head and contains a color! The gray is defiantly trying to peak through as my children continue their constant shenanigans! I will soon be investing in hair dye and I'm just getting into my 30's!

Spencer had a bike wreck with his twin Ian tonight. Ian was uninjured and feared he would be in trouble. Of course, he wasn't in trouble. But Spencer smacked his mouth straight into the handle bar. He busted out the tooth to the right of his top front teeth and really jacked the front right one up good. It will be falling out in the next day or so. Thankfully they are both baby teeth! With a busted, swollen lip and blood soaked gums, he entertained the ER staff as only Spencer could. Showing them is scratch on his ribs from running into a parked truck the day before. And my favorite, pushing his tooth straight out with his tongue...ewe!

This experience tonight brought back so many memories of when Parker, Spencer's older brother, broke his bone in his mouth and shoved 2 teeth back into his mouth. Parker was 2 and all the kids were jumping from the hearth of the fireplace onto a bean bag. For some reason, Parker decided to jump into the bean bag from the opposite direction and slide face first into the hearth! I was home alone at the time (with the 4 children) and it was a Sunday. I remember because I didn't know what to do, take him to the ER or call a dentist, but there would be no offices open. I frantically called Jason at work and told him over a scream child what was going on with Parker. I didn't know much, because I couldn't see inside his mouth for all the gushing blood!

We got him to the ER and they did an x-ray and checked him out then referred us to the nicest dentist. He got us in the next day and took great care of Parker! For the next several months his teeth were grayish and not in place, but over time, everything looked normal. We are now having issues with his teeth growing in right though. Oddly enough, Parker lost his side teeth before his front two teeth. And now it seems as if only the side teeth are growing back in, but where the front teeth should grow in. His front teeth have yet to emerge and it's been MONTHS since he lost those teeth. Unless those are the front teeth that grew in, but then where are the side teeth? It's a mystery for now.

We will know more about Spencer and his recovery in the next day or so as he sees a dentist and gets x-rays. I don't know if I should be thankful for having the experience with Parker already, because it helped me keep perspective and KNOW that it would be ok. Or if I should invest in Hockey gear and mouth guards for all my children. That probably wouldn't be the worst thing! My sister-in-law is an occupational therapist, and she was saying that that most often child brain injuries are a result of bike (skateboard, etc) wrecks w/o helmets. Spencer had forgotten to where his helmet as he rushed out the door this evening, but fortunately, he only hit his mouth! We were SO lucky!

After all was said and done tonight and the stress levels started to lower in our home, I told Spencer to quit trying to eat his handle bars, they don't taste well......he didn't think it was funny, but I did of course!

Because After-all
There is No Cure 4 Crazy!!!