Friday, June 10, 2011

Psycho Mom

I was doing ok today. Slept in, then received a beautiful flower arrangement from my father, got the new Frank Turner album on itunes, "England keep my bones", and took all my meds for the day! But then I went to Wal-mart for groceries and toiletries. And while the trip within itself wasn't unbearable something about that place is like a curse. After I got home I had a huge melt-down ALL over my children! I don't know if it was the fact that I'd forgotten to eat lunch, or that I had to clean out the fridge before I could put the food away, or maybe it was the fact that my son dropped my brand new gallon jug of Arizona tea on the floor and it busted flooding the entire floor from the entry way all the way to the kitchen! Whatever it was, I turned into that dreaded Psycho-MOM! She is the one whom I try so hard to not let out to see the light of day, yet I swear my children take bets to see which one of them can make her appear first!

First, I ordered them to bring me all the cold stuff so I could put it away. Next, I huffed and puffed every time they crossed behind me bringing me things, because they were getting in my way! Then, I screamed at them to go outside or upstairs because they were being loud and I couldn't concentrate on putting the groceries into the fridge with all that racket! (Cause we all know that is such a delicate task that takes concentration! Whatever!)And lastly, I lectured them about how many boiled eggs they ate while I was gone, because I had plans for those!

Wow! Then I went to my room and laid down thinking what is wrong with me???? I took ALL my pills, my thyroid, my "happy" pill, my allergy pill, and even some vitamin B & C today. So I couldn't blame it on lack of medication. I had slept in til noon, so it wasn't exhaustion. It could have been the lack of food, but I didn't feel hungry. There really was no excuse for psycho mom making her summer 2011 debut today, but she did and she was noticed by all!

Because After-all
there is No Cure 4 Crazy

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