Sunday, June 12, 2011

We survived the first week of Summer!!!

Well I'm happy to report that we survived week one of summer break! My children are all still alive and kicking and I'm actually hanging in there pretty well. My husband even quit smoking this past week...Wednesday maybe, and he is doing well too! It really is a miracle!

Tomorrow I either have to set up the slip-n-slide or fill tons of water balloons for my spawn. I'm voting for the slip-n-slide, but one of my boys has already expressed a preference of water balloons. I'm just not looking forward to hours of filling and tying a 100 balloons for them to bust them in about 5 minutes! BLAH! Is there a better way??? Please enlighten me if you know of one! What are you doing this next week to occupy your offspring?

I've been reading Scary Mommy Confessions
( and some of it is intense, but most of it, sounds normal to me. I'm wondering who has been spying on me and taking notes! At first I thought all the posts were from one person, then I realized anyone can confess. I just posted my first confession tonight and I think I may be visiting the site more and more as summer progresses! What was my confession? Oh I will never tell, you'll just have to check it out and decide for yourself which one was mine!

Because after-all
There is No Cure 4 Crazy

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